Clean Green Kake LLC

The World's First Green City

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The Clean Green Kake is about turning  KAKE, a tribal village situated in  ALASKA USA, into the world's first totally green city, demonstrating that renewable energy is sustainable and can be applied anywhere in the world to build a better future and cleaner environment. It is anticipated that by 2019 Kake will not need to use any fossil fuels at all.

Clean Green Kake is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation  approved by IRS for tax deductible donations and gifts.

Kake is located on Kupreanof Island in the SE Peninsular of Alaska, a state in USA already known for its pristine environment.

Over the next 2 to 3 years Kake is being developed into an environmental showcase. The technologies used in greening  Kake are already in extensive commercial use producing renewable energies and can be deployed in other parts of the world to assist in providing green renewable energy and in reducing CO2  emissions, especially in developing countries and remote villages, where they will also contribute to reducing the cost of living, create new jobs and foster a healthier lifestyle and environment.   A unique feature is that all parts of the forest biomass will be turned into green energy

Electricity in Kake is to be generated using forestry waste (biowaste)  that traditionally has had no commercial value. Electricity is generated by gasifying  biowaste to produce syngas, which  is then used to fuel internal combustion engines coupled to alternators.

The waste heat from the gasifiers, generators, charcoal retorts and the huge compressors driving the cold storage and freezers, will be used to heat the greenhouses in winter at no real cost, when it's cold and snows in Kake. The green houses in turn will produce a range of organic fruits and vegetables for local and intrastate consumption, but the bulk is intended to be processed and frozen, using  existing spare capacity in the fish freezer plant.

Kake has for generations, processed wild salmon and other fish for the export markets and will now also process frozen organic vegetables and berry fruits, produced using only organic fertilizers and non-polluting waste heat. 

The fish waste from processing fish and organic waste from processing of fruit and vegetables will be turned into biogas via anaerobic digesters, producing at the same time by-products of a nitrogen rich fertilizer  for use in  propagating plant growth in the green houses, cutting the fertilizer cost.

Leaves from the harvested timber, along with some of  the waste from the processing of the greenhouse produce and fish gut will be turned into a rich compost.

Next to the fish processing plant a smokehouse produces a range of smoked salmon, and other fish, smoked poultry and venison, oysters and crab using  wood shavings from  Alder wood trees, a method that has been used by generations of Native Americans for smoking their food,  giving our smoked products a distinctive flavor and aroma.

Waste wood from the adjoining forests is to be used to make wood pellets, to be be sold locally in Alaska, the lower 48 states and exported. Wood pellets used in efficient wood pellet stoves, are the most energy efficient way of heating homes. Kake residents will make substantial savings off their heating bills by no longer using fossil fuels.  Some waste wood will carbonized into charcoal and be briquetted.

The intention is, that in finality there should be no waste left to be disposed of in Kake. All of the projects will be carbon neutral and vertically integrated, negating the need for any fossil fuels. The renewable energy program in Kake has been designed to be a sustainable closed energy loop, demonstrating the sustainability of renewable energy.